Healthy BBQ Kit

The humble barbeque, it’s one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. The traditional barbeque made up of sausages, onion, white bread and tomato sauce isn’t doing our health any favours, full of saturated fat and salt, and low in fruits and vegetables. With a few small changes, the barbeque can be a healthy and tasty cooking method. We have developed some resources to help you along the way, including the Healthy BBQ Kit booklet, Healthy Butcher menu, quantity guide and toolkit including all the barbequing essentials. We acknowledge the OPAL program for their development of the original Healthy BBQ resource.

Small changes make a big impact!

Here are our top tips to a Healthy BBQ:

1. Don’t chew the fat

Choose lean meats like chicken breast, steaks (with fat trimmed) and lean chicken kebabs. Check out Irymple Butcher’s Nutrition Australia approved healthy BBQ range here, including all of your favourites like lean sausages, chicken and beef burgers and skewers!

2. You can make friends with salad!

Add vegetables and salad to the menu, grilled onion, zucchini, capsicum and mushrooms are all delish off the hotplate. Grilled corn is a favourite especially with the kids! Or why not try whipping up your own coleslaw (with low fat dressing) to slap on a burger. Yum!

3. Add grain power!

Choose high fibre varieties of bread like wholegrain and wholemeal breads, rolls or wraps!

4. Just add H20

Have water available as the drink of choice, especially during the hot summer months. It is the ultimate thirst quencher!

For more tips on planning and hosting a Healthy BBQ download the Healthy BBQ Kit Booklet.

Healthy BBQ Kit Catering Guide

Provides quantity guidelines for your ordering and catering needs.

BBQ Tool Kit

Complete with stainless steel tongs, spatula, BBQ fork, knife, brush in a carry case

Choose Healthy Aprons

Four available for loan

Choose Healthy A-Frame Chalkboard

To display your healthy menu options

All products are available for loan from our health promotion team. Please contact us at 03 5022 5444.

Download the booklet

Click the image above for a PDF of the Healthy BBQ Kit (1MB)

The Healthy BBQ Kit is designed to provide guidance and ideas for making easy changes to the traditional barbecue, providing nutritious options suitable for events, workplaces and families. Show your commitment to health and wellbeing at your next event by using the tools provided to host the best Healthy BBQ that everyone is sure to love.

Local Suppliers

Click the image above to view the Irymple Butchers Healthy BBQ Range

In a state first, Irymple Butchers has had a range of items assessed by Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Advisory Service. Each item assessed and approved has officially been given a traffic light classification of GREEN (best choice) or AMBER (choose carefully).

BBQ Essentials

We have put together a suite of resources to help with planning your next Healthy BBQ event!

Choose Healthy Poster

Microsoft Word - Choose Healthy Poster A3_V1.0_160516.docx

Click the image above for a PDF of the Choose Healthy Traffic Light Poster (1MB)

GREEN – Best Choice

Green foods are full of nutrients, low in sugar, fat and salt and should be eaten regularly.

AMBER – Choose carefully

Amber foods have some nutrients, but are often fairly high in sugar, fat or salt, eat these in moderation.

RED – Limit

Red foods are low in nutrients and a high in sugar, fat or salt, so should be only eaten occasionally and in small serves only.

We have only included products which fit into the GREEN and AMBER categories.