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Lean Beef Burger Patties

Lean beef burger patties flavoured with herbs and vegetables green catering

$2 each (GF)

Lean Honey Mustard Chicken Burger Patties

Lean Chicken Burgers infused with honey mustard orange catering

$2 each (GF)

Shashliks, Skewers and Kebabs

Beef, capsicum and onion shashliks green catering

Chicken, capsicum and onion shashliks green catering

Chicken skewers orange catering

$2.50 each (GF)

$2.50 each (GF)

$1.50 each(GF)

Lean Sausages

Lean beef sausages orange catering

Lean beef sausages with sweet chilli, red pepper and capsicum orange catering

$11.99/kg (GF, preservative free)

$11.99/kg (GF)

Stir Fry Mixes

Chinese chicken and vegetable stir fry mix orange catering

Chinese beef and vegetable stir fry mix orange catering

$16.99/kg (GF)

$16.99/kg (GF)

Seasoned Eye Fillet Roast

Beef eye fillet roast rolled with light stuffing and peppersteak seasoning orange catering


Chicken Breast

Fresh skinless chicken breast green catering


Premium Beef Mince

Lean premium beef mince green catering

$13.99/kg (GF)

Grilled chicken meat and vegetables on skewer

Please contact Irymple Butcher for their full menu options. Please inform the supplier when ordering for any special dietary requirements, including gluten free, halal and vegetarian options. Prices are correct at time of printing and are subject to change. Please place orders at least 3 days in advance to ensure product availability.