Sexual Health, HIV

Sexual Health

The Sexual health and HIV Service at SCHS is a confidentuial appointment-based clinical service providing testing and treatment for sexually transmissable infections (STI) and blood-borne viruses.

Our Service

We offer the following services

  • Testing and treatment of all sexually transmisitted infections (STI)
  • BBV screening
  • Free vaccines for eligble people
  • Help with partner notification
  • Contraception

HIV and Viral Hepatitis

  • SCHS provides HIV and Viral Hepatitiis services

    Our service

    PrEP for HIV prevention
    HIV testing and treatment
    Hepatitis B testing and management
    Hepatitis C testing and treatnment
    Infectious Disease Clinic wwith visiting specialist from Melbourne. GP referral required for this service.


    HIV pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Is an effective prevention strategy for people who are at risk of HIV acquistition. PrEP is highly effective in preventing HIV when taken properly.


    Non-occupational exposure Post Exposure Prophylaxis (NPEP) is a course of anti HIV medication commenced within 72 hours of exposure to HIV and taken for 28 days with the aim of reducing HIV infection.

    NPEP after hours access is through Mildura Base Public Hospital Emergency Department.

Our Service

We provide:

  • advice, education and assessment for PrEP for HIV prevention
  • HIV and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • prescribing of PrEP for eligible people
  • free vaccines for eligible people
  • help with partner notification if diagnosed with an infection.


Our services are available to all.


There are some cost involved for non Medicare Card holders

Make an appointment

Contact us on:  5022 5444 extension 2 or visit us at 137 Thirteenth Street, Mildura.

Services are available Monday – Friday.

For urgent matters, outside of open hours, or if you are unable to schedule an appointment that suits you, please call:

After Hours GP Helpline (for medical advice and support) 1800 022 222

NURSE-ON-CALL (free service – available 24/7)
1300 60 60 24