Traditional Sandwich Platter

Combines freshly baked Banjo’s preservative-free bread
with various fillings – Wholegrain bread recommended
Banjo’s Cajun chicken mix green catering
Banjo’s seeded chicken mustard mix green catering
Banjo’s curried egg mix green catering (V)
Banjo’s ham, mayonnaise & salad orange catering

$60 full box
32 portions
$32 half box

16 portions

Pita Platter

Can include the above mentioned sandwich fillings and in addition;
Banjo’s salmon dill mix orange catering
Banjo’s Dijon chicken & avocado green catering

$70 full box
16 portions
$37 half box

8 portions

Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fruits green catering (V) (GF)

$60 full box
$32 half box

Fruit and Cheese Platter

Fresh bread stick, brie and cheddar cheese and a selection of fruit orange catering (V)

$75 full box
24 portions


Freshly baked Banjo’s scones, served with margarine orange catering (V)

$3.20 per item
Serves 2

Fruit Bun Platter

Banjo’s fruit bun served with margarine orange catering (V)

$3.00 per item
Serves 2

Please contact the caterer for their full menu and inform the caterer when ordering for any special dietary requirements, including Vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Please place order 24hours prior to event.
Delivery available within CBD, cost $5.00