Healthy Catering Handbook – Online

Providing healthy, delicious catering for meetings and events has just got a lot easier; with the Healthy Catering Handbook.

Developed by Sunraysia Community Health Services in partnership with local caterers, the Handbook aims to help you make the healthy choice, the easy choice with a list of local healthy catering provide local healthy catering providers. Assessment of all menu items in this guide has been conducted using the Victorian Government Healthy Choice Guidelines. These guidelines use a ‘traffic light’ rating system; ‘GREEN – Best Choice’, ‘AMBER – Choose Carefully’ and ‘RED – Limit’. Only menu items with a GREEN and AMBER ratings have been included.

If you would like further information about the Healthy Catering Handbook, please contact Health Promotion, or (03) 5022 5444.

Further Information on the Healthy Choices: Food and Drink Classification Guide and Healthy Choices: Healthy eating policy and catering guide for workplaces can be found here.

Healthy BBQ Kit

The humble barbeque, it’s one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. The traditional barbeque made up of sausages, onion, white bread and tomato sauce isn’t doing our health any favours, full of saturated fat and salt, and low in fruits and vegetables. With a few small changes, the barbeque can be a healthy and tasty cooking method. We have developed some resources to help you along the way, including the Healthy BBQ Kit booklet.

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The Healthy Catering Handbook has gone digital!

Participating Caterers!

Thanks to all of our participating caterers for showing a commitment to the health and wellbeing of the community. Click on the logos below to see the full menus.

If you are a caterer and would like to be involved, please contact Health promotion on (03) 5022 5444 or